Movie Review ” Super 30 “

Movie Review ” Super 30 “

The Biographical drama super 30 on the life Anand Kumar who was a mathematician, the led role of Mr. Anand Kumar was played by Hrithik Roshan and directed by Vikas Bahl was an amazing movie to look of. The word super would be perfect to describe the new movie of Hrithik Roshan super 30, the movie was based on the true-life story of Anand Kumar, the mathematician and education from Bihar who helped 100 poor students to crack the IIT entrance exams. It was a remarkable achievement by these mathematicians. Anand Kumar has a commitment that the education does not remain the exclusive privilege who has deep money in their pockets and it will who will deserve to be celebrated.

Hrithik Roshan, who nothing look like real Anand Kumar, was slathered with the brown face and body with pain, thus they have to transform Hrithik from the Bollywood superstar to the dark-skinned ‘poor Indian’. Anand Kumar was a son humble postman in Patna, who have to achieve n scholarship to take admission to Cambridge University of London but they cannot make it because his family can’t afford to send him to England. This is the most heartbreaking scene In the film, Anand desperately appeals to the minister who makes a good promise that he will help him out in his financial support.

There is plenty of heartbreaking moment in his life one which his Cambridge acceptance letter become a piece of paper another was that he was selling papad door to door after his family falls in serious financial problems. He was once recruited as a teacher by Lallan Singh ( Aditya Srivastava) to train students at his fancy coaching institute.

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The movie, however, provides the detail of the Anand Kumar’s struggles to set up own coaching center and provide them free of cost coaching classes for the 30 underprivileged students who can’t afford expensive tuition. We have watched In the movie that Anand Kumar faces up to jealous and has many problems in his journey to provide education for the 30 underprivileged students. But the students fight back and all 30 has cleared the IIT entrance exams.

Super 30 comes up with an important message among the student’s life.
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